Chinatown Arts Space

15.12.10 Chinatown Arts Space website

Client : Chinatown Arts Space
Project : Content Managed Community website

We created the new Chinatown Arts Space website, which uses a content managed system to help the organisation nurture an online community of artists, audiences and organisations.

SAP Grand Prix Flash website

14.03.10 SAP Grand Prix Flash website

Client : Experience
Project : SAP Grand Prix Flash website

The new Formula 1 season has started and we keep on doing the pit stops for the SAP Grand Prix website.


02.02.10 Aybrook Financial Partners Corporate design & website

Client : Aybrook Financial Partners
Project : Company Corporate Design and Website

Aybrook Financial Partners is an independent Fixed Income Advisor to financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds. We created the logo, website and digital communications.


08.12.09 BP Trading Challenge Roadshow

Client : Edcoms
Project : Trading Challenge Website

The BP Enterprising Science project is extending into the Trading Challenge Roadshow. We updated the website and introduced a raft of new features.


01.10.09 SAP Global Sponsorships

Client : Experience
Project : SAP Global Sponsorships

Experience are keeping us busy delivering digital support for their client SAP.

Grosvenor TV

15.08.09 Grosvenor TV

Client : Grosvenor TV
Project : Website Design

We designed the visual interface for multimedia production company Grosvenor TV whilst Saunders Web Solutions created a content managed system for the client to update the site.

A Vos Marques

29.03.09 SAP Grand Prix Flash website launch

Client : Experience
Project : SAP Grand Prix Flash website

In time for the 2009 Formula One season, we have launched the all-new SAP GRAND PRIX Flash website! Like cars on the course, we boost content onto the page. Another nice project for Experience.

Check out

A Vos Marques

26.01.09 A Vos Marques website launch

Client : A Vos Marques
Project : Company website

A Vos Marques in a marketing consultancy run by Bénédicte Windle. We built her first website many years ago and have just finished an all new version complete with an Expression Engine CMS.

Check out the new A Vos Marques Website


15.01.09 A New Experience

Client : The Works London >> Experience

Our friends at the former The Works London have grown to become Experience. We are very pleased to keep on working for them, having developed a whole host of digital signage material for their client SAP as well as a new website (with mobile version) for THE MASTERS golf tournament


01.11.08 Roche Media Maker

Client : Grosvenor TV
Project : Design for Flash Video Editor App

Saunders Web Solutions were tasked with developing an internal Flash video editing application to allow staff at Roche to compose video clips and transitions and create a presentation. We helped design the app interface.

Yellow Earth Theatre

01.11.08 Yellow Earth Theatre website launch

Client : Yellow Earth Theatre
Project : Company website

Yellow Earth is a London based British East Asian touring theatre company. We built their first website more than 8 years ago, and now, we've just redesigned and rebuilt their new one!

Check out the new Yellow Earth Theatre Website


10.01.08 BP Carbon Footprint Toolkit

Client : Edcoms
Project : Klima & Co2

You may have seen those ads in national german papers. It's a promotion of Klima & Co2, the german version of BPs successful Carbon Footprint Toolkit.

Space Synapse

24.09.07 Space Synapse

Client : Space Synapse
Project : Logo and Website Design

The mission of Space Synapse is to develop a world-wide brand to enable human space interaction. They embrace creative vision, sustainable design, education, entertainment and positive life enhancement.

Space Synapse Website

Philips Live Earth

07.07.07 Live Earth

Client : TheWorks London, Philips
Project : Photo Gallery content-managed website

The Live Earth concerts are happening today and Philips are one of the key sponsors. They have brand ambassadors at all the concerts taking photo pledges of concert-goers. These photos are of people who pledge to switch to an energy saving lamp. We created the online gallery where spectators from concerts around the world can find their photo "pledge".

Live Earth Photo Pledges Gallery website (more info)


29.6.07 Bp Enterprising Science

Client : BP/Edcoms
Project : Enterprising Science website

"Enterprising Science is a two-part education programme for teachers and students aged 14-16. We have just launched the website which will soon be expanded to a highly interactive workspace for schools."
WSPA Friends of Bears

22.5.07 The "Friends of Bears" website for WSPA's Bear Campaign

Client : World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
Project : Friends of Bears website

WSPA's worldwide bear campaign aims to end bear farming in Asia, as the industry creates unnecessary cruelty to animals. They aim to encourage companies involved in the manufacture of traditional herbal medicines to stop using bear bile and aim to persuade Korean and Chinese governments to phase out the practice of bear farming once and for all. 

The goal of the website is to communicate the campaign and collect as many petition signatures as possible. The campaign is also targeted at the Chinese population around the world and of all ages.  

Visit the Friends of Bears website (there are a few unsettling photos highlighting the plight of bears) and sign the petition at


1.5.07 HAWK

Stefan has been appointed as a professor for interaction design by german based HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst in Hildesheim.

IVCA Awards 2007

20.4.07 BP's Carbon Footprint Toolkit resource wins an IVCA award

Client : Edcoms
Project : Carbon Footprint Toolkit

BP’s Carbon Footprint Toolkit CD-Rom for 11–16 year olds won a bronze award in the e-learning category at this year’s International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) Awards, Europe’s leading business communication awards. The IVCA judges cited the CD-Rom as ‘An objective resource with plenty of level-headed content for teachers and pupils alike. The Carbon Footprint Tool presents an ideal opportunity for the audience to consider their own carbon reduction potential.’  

The Carbon Footprint Toolkit has been particularly successful since its launch and has been ordered by over 60% of all UK secondary schools and colleges. It provides flexible tools to teach 11-14 and 14-16 year olds about carbon emissions, impacts, choices for reduction and alternative energy supplies.  

Find out more about the Carbon Footprint Toolkit at or visit to discover more about BP Educational Service.


5.2.07 Waterlog

Client : Film and Video Umbrella
Project : Exhibition website

Waterlog is a multi-faceted exhibition project featuring a series of specially-commissioned works by some of Britain’s most compelling contemporary artists. We designed and developed the site, which also houses documentation for one of the artists, Simon Pope, making available mp3s, podcasts and Google Earth files to download. .


29.1.07 Momentum

Client : Momentum
Project : Communication Material for Bacardi

The new year has started with a new client! We have developed some internal communication material for Momentum client, Bacardi.

Chinatown Arts Space

5.1.07 Chinatown Arts Space

Client : Chinatown Arts Space
Project : Website

Chinatown Arts Space was initiated in 2003 by a group of British East Asian artists who foresaw the need to champion the development of East Asian performing and visual arts in London. We've just helped them launch their website!

Merry Christmas!

19.12.06 Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings to you all! Check out our animated Christmas card. For those who don't know us, here are the 2 directors bouncing ideas. For those that do, its conflict on a good day...

Ernie Els

11.12.06 Ernie Els

Client : Ernie Els
Project : FTP website

Just finished an FTP site to allow the Ernie Els business team to upload digital files. Contacts, journalist, clients etc can then login and download relevant files. The site is a content-management system with user registrations and email notifications on uploads and downloads.

Epping Forest Arts

4.12.06 Epping Forest Arts

Client : Epping Forest Arts
Project : CMS website

Epping Forest Arts is the arts service provided by Epping Forest District Council. We've just finished their fully content-managed website, which allows them to keep information on their projects and services updated to enable all sections of the community access to a wide range of high quality arts provision.

BP Carbon Footprint Toolkit

22.11.06 BP's Carbon Footprint Toolkit

Client : BP / Edcoms
Project : CD-ROM, Online materials

BPs latest educational product, the Carbon Footprint Toolkit, launched today. This new resource is a flexible and fun way to teach 11-14 and 14-16 year olds about carbon emissions, impacts, choices for reduction and alternative energy supplies. We designed and built the toolkit, whilst the project was managed by Edcoms.


6.10.06 Challenging Genetic Disorders

Client : The CGD Research Trust
Project : Content-managed Website

Just launched the first version of the redesigned CGD Research Trust (Chronic Granulomatous Disorder) website, in time for Jeans for Genes Day. The site will continue being developed to include more (dynamic) interactive, community-based features.


4.10.06 Page Magazine - Urban Interfaces article

Client : PAGE Magazine
Project : Article

Leading German design magazine PAGE, commissioned Stefan to write an article about urban interface, highlighting the trends in interactive design beyond the computer screen. See the latest issue for more!


27.9.06 Frontline - The gesture of love you can trust...

Client : Fox Murphy, Merial Ltd
Project : ASP Content-managed Website

The UK Frontline website has just gone live! "Frontline kills parasites fast and goes on protecting your cat or dog". So if you have one, check out the website! Desktop pets, screensavers and ecards on the way.. We built the content-managed system for Fox Murphy, who designed the site.

King Lear

22.9.06 "KING LEAR" by Yellow Earth Theatre

Client : Yellow Earth Theatre
Project : Leaflet, poster, programmes

We've just completed print materials for Yellow Earth Theatre's Autumn 2006 production of "King Lear " by William Shakespeare. The show is a co-production with the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and is a move to more bi-lingual work, for both the production and the promotional materials.


8.6.06 Global Footie 2006

Client : TheWorks London
Project : Desktop application

In time for the World Cup, we have added more features to the web-based SAP TV channel. The channel is on display in all the major tournament cities in Germany during the competition.

Architecture Week

30.5.06 Architecture Week

Client : Platform3
Project : ASP Website

New features have been added to this year's Architecture Week website. We're continuing database development for the second year running for our friends at Platform3. Now you can send images via your mobile phone to the website.


6.4.06 SAP TV

Client : TheWorks London
Project : Desktop Application

We have just launched a web-based "TV channel" for SAP Global Sponsorships featuring this years Masters Golf Tournament in Atlanta. The project is part of our ongoing work for SAPs Sports and Entertainment Agency TheWorks London.

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5.4.06 PAGE Magazine - Interactive Installations

Client : Page Magazine
Project : Article

Leading German design magazine PAGE, commissioned Stefan to write an article about interactive installations, highlighting the trends in interactive design beyond the computer screen. See the latest issue for more!

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17.3.06 For the Chinese in you...

Client : Loon Fung Ltd
Project : Branding, Content-managed website and print materials

Loon Fung are suppliers of Chinese Food, with a supermarket in Chinatown and cash and carry stores around London.

We've just launched phase one of their website, after updating their branding. The website will continue to develop as an English and Chinese language, fully-fledged content management run website.

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13.3.06 LuckyStrikeRacing

Client : Lucky Strike Racing
Project : Content-managed website

The formula one season has started and it should be a good one for the Honda F1 team, sponsored by LuckyStrikeRacing. We're updating their PR PITSTOP website for the 4th successing year.

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7.3.06 Film and Video Umbrella

Client : Film and Video Umbrella
Project : Content-managed website

Film and Video Umbrella curates and produces film, video and new media projects by artists which are commissioned and presented in collaboration with galleries and venues across England.

We redesigned and built their website to include an efficient and easy to use bespoke content management system.

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10.2.06 Chinese Cuisine Week

Client : The Pearl Foundation
Project : Minisite

Just created a website for Chinese Cuisine Week, which is part of the Mayor of London’s China in London season. The week is an opportunity for people from every ethnic background and nationality to come together and enjoy high-quality cuisine from some of the best Chinese restaurants across London.

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8.2.06 Mikroworld multilingual and Showcase

Client : Mikro Ltd
Project : Flash website

Mikroworld has been updated with a new Showcase section and a Chinese and Japanese language version!

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2.11.05 SAP

Client : TheWorks London
Project : Website, Flash presentations, screensaver

It has been a busy few months for us with a range of projects for SAP, all in conjunction with their worldwide sponsorship activities. There is an online gallery, interactive Flash presentations and a dynamic screensaver. As usual, the projects were looked after by our friends at TheWorks London.

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22.11.05 Communication by Design

Client : CbD
Project : Content-managed website

Just finished a collaboration on the Communication by Design website. The content runs from a CMS system, allowing CbD to update the content whenever they want.

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19.9.05 "The Nightingale" by Yellow Earth Theatre

Client : Yellow Earth Theatre
Project : Leaflet, poster and programme

Just finished print materials for Yellow Earth Theatre's Autumn 2005 production "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Andersen. Lots of illustration work presented on posters, flyers and a 16 page A4 programme.

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17.6.05 Harper Collins Impact English CD-ROMs

Client : Harper Collins
Project : Educational CD-ROMs

The last few months have been intensive with working on 3 CD ROMs for Collins Education. The "Impact English" series includes interactive texts and tasks as well as a collection of customisable games. A core element is the 'Assessment Tool', allowing teachers to measure the progress of individual students.

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6.6.05 Turquoise Branding

Client : Turquoise Branding Ltd
Project : Motion Graphics Flash Website, USB stick presentation

Turquoise asked us to design their new Flash website to showcase their motion graphics work. The site dynamically streams the video and is administered with a wysiwyg FLASH based admin screen, allowing Turquoise to edit the site at the same time as "browsing" through it. We also produced a mini showreel that Turquoise distributed on USB sticks.

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2.6.05 Chinatown - The Magazine

Client : Chinatown - The Magazine
Project : Website Design and development

Chinatown - The Magazine is the business & lifestyle magazine for the chinese in the UK, china and asia pacific. We designed the website.

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30.5.05 Canon/Champions League 05

Client : TheWorks London, Canon
Project : Photo Gallery content-managed website

We are back from Istanbul where we worked with Canon on their online fan gallery for the UEFA Champions League Final 2005. Its the second successful year for the software we designed and developed for our friends, TheWorks London.

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21.2.05 LifeJam - Interactive Story-telling tool

Client : MIC
Project : German CD-ROM

LifeJam is a CD ROM project for Cologne based education agency MIC.It's an interactive story-telling tool for young people. We've also created all sound elements with the kind support from our friends at adlib-sound.

The project is supported by the Bundesministerium fuer Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend - Berlin.

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21.2.05 The Cloud

Client : The Cloud
Project : B2B Flash Presentations

The Cloud is Europe's leading WiFi network and has been asking us for a series of B2B presentations for their international business. All animations and interactions done in Macromedia FLASH. We have also designed their GuestBridge interface.